1.9 Don’t be afraid,for your not alone.

It has been about a month since Diego has returned home. We  both are very active in the kitchen. It allows us to be together.

The days seem to fly by. Our baby girl Abigail is growing up. She is older 6 months old.She becomes more aware of her outside world each day.  I watch her eyes lit up, and it brings a smile to my face.

We take turns taking care of her. I watch the smile creep across Diego’s face when he feeds her. I’m more afraid to take care of her. Of course I love her, but my past abuse worries me to the core.

One morning I woke up not feeling good. I have a feeling, I’m pregnant.  A couple days later, I deiced to go visit the doctor.

I was pregnant. I was worried to tell Diego unsure of his reaction.

I took care Abigail while Diego was at work. I told myself I would tell once he got home from work.

As well today I pay to the bills. Which reminded me to go soon registry myself as a self employed painter.

That afternoon when Diego go home from work. I walked outside to meet. I told him I had something to tell him. He told me he had something to tell me. He ended up going first. He got a promotion now a level 3 in the medical track. I was happy for and our family.

” Becca Boo, What do you have to tell me?” Diego smiled and reached for my hand.

I took a deep breath ” Diego, I’m pregnant” I smiled, He smiled. He gave me a hug and I knew then that he wasn’t upset,made or angry. He was just glad.

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1.8 the sweet blessings we receive


I guess you could say Abigail was turning into a Daddy’s Girl. Diego always picked her up and played with her. I smile knowing that Diego cared for my baby girl.


I started working on a painting. I’m not sure yet, what I’m painting. I’m just doing it to be creative.

Abigail was a sweet girl. She never cried during the night. Her eyes light up when I’m holding her. I know she is happy.

I read in book that letting children at a young age hear things like numbers and color, they will do better later on learning it.

After putting Abby into her crib. I felt sick again. I rushed into the bathroom. Diego was at work. I didn’t want to bother him. I figured I was pregnant again.  Abigail was only 1 years old, how would Diego handle the news. He returned later that afternoon. I was glad to here he got a promotion. He also told he needed to head to Egypt. I let him go. He said it was needed for his Job.

*Diego’s Point of View*

Did I want to go? Of course not, I missed Rebecca and Abigail. As soon as I walked out of the house.  Rebecca told me her and Abigail would be fine.

I worked with some of the local doctors. I learned many things.

I had some free time to be able to searching around. I ended up finding some neat stuff. I can’t wait to show my girls back home.

I walked around base camp. I visited the local school. The children there had bright smiles and ran around like American children. It was good knowing that every where children have innocence.

I called Rebecca the morning before my flight left back home. She told Abigail was doing fine. ” I love you” Rebecca whispered into the phone. ” I love you to the end of this world and back” I whispered back. I slipped the phone back into my pocket.

Later that afternoon a taxi came to pick me up. The children from the school waved to me as the we rode away in the taxi. I smiled and waved back to them. I told the driver my plane was from Sims-International company. He nodded his head. I watched the jungle to turn into urban streets. I knew I would be home soon.



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1.7 Just close your eyes and dream

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I often went to the doctors office for medical advice.

Diego often was found in the yard playing chess.  He was reserved, but I often heard him walk around the house humming. I guess he had music in his heart.

Diego often showed affection for my unborn, which reminds me why I love him. My father was never there, I’m glad Diego is already a better one then mine.

While Diego was at work during the weeks I tended to my garden. I loved being outside and felt that working in the garden was one of the times I felt was peace.  I wished I could be bringing in money for the family to. I guess not everyone is perfect.

I did find the time to finish my painting. It was my dream house. I wanted to have such nice house with a sun room and everything. I guess we can only keep dreaming, who knows where life will take you.

While out shopping one evening, I knew it was time for the baby’s to be born. I began to walk to the hospital, on my way there I called Diego was back home sleeping. I told him to meet me there.

*Diego’s point of View*

I walked out of the housing locking and closing the door. I felt nervous. I was going to be a father. This child will look up to be and call be daddy. I was happy though, I always wanted to have a family.

I told the cab driver to take me to the  hospital and to put the pedal to the metal. I was quiet the rest of the way there. I flashed back to my childhood, when I first meet Rebecca. I remembered how I never meet her father. I could never leave her and baby alone.

I quickly ran inside. I asked which room Rebecca was in. The nurse had the maternity ward on the  second floor room 216 . I nodded my head and made my long walk down the hallway.

Rebecca gave birth to a baby girl, we named Abigail Grace.She is Libra and will love music and will make most likely be on the honor roll.

(Make your own caption)

After placing little Abigail into her crib, Rebecca joined me on the bed. We talked  for a good hour.

As always one thing leads to something else.

It took me forever to come up with a name. I happen to love Abigail Grace Dreamer, already and I don’t even know what she looks like. 🙂 ❤

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1.6 As the weeks goes by

Diego was very helpful around, He often cleaned up after meals.

A month or so after we got married I felt ill.

I was thinking maybe I had some bad food.

(author’s note: Free will turn on HIGH = WIN!)

” Rebecca are you okay?” Diego asked rubbing my back.

” I’m fine, I’m fine” I shook off all the negative thoughts.

I began craving strange foods, such a ice cream and mac and cheese.

*Diego’s point of view*

I walked slowly out of the bookstore, hoping no one would see me. I bought a few books, one about gardening for Rebecca and book about logic for me.  I walked slowly on to the super market. I thought to myself, about when I meet Rebecca years ago. I was worried for her well being. Now that we are married I am worried, that maybe she will repeat the cycle of abuse to our children. I didn’t want to say anything to her. Fearing that I would see anger come from within.

That evening we both read the books I bought. When suddenly I smelt a hint of smoke.
“Rebecca do you smell that?” I asked  hoping not to distract her too much.

” I do, I do”  She replied.

I placed the book now on the seat and walked over to over to realize it was on fire.

” Rebecca get outside and call the firefighters” I called as I began to put out the flames.

( Really? Rebecca. She spun into these while in the middle of the fire was going on)

Luckily enough I was able to put out the fire. The fire truck came a little too late. I was relieved that only damage down was to the oven, which we bought a new one with the insurance money.

I feel asleep on the bed. I was tired from fighting the fire myself.

A couple weeks later before I headed off the work, Rebecca asked to speak to me.

” Diego, I have some wonderful news” She spoke smiling at me

” Yes Dear?”  I asked, unsure what was going to happen

” I’m pregnant”  She began to jumping up and down as she told me.

I was happy, to be having a child with her. Though my thoughts rushed back to her childhood, stories she told me. Things I learned while growing up with Ash. I just hope she has changed.

” That is Great” I smiled patting her on the shoulder.

A car horned beeped just seconds later. I changed into my work outfit and rushed out to the car. I blew a kiss to Rebecca as she ventured back inside.  On the way to work, my mind was wandering. Should I confront her, Should I go along as if nothing  happened. I wasn’t sure.

*Rebecca’s Point of View*

The bunny talked with words, so those of younger age could understand her as well. I was watching the kids channel to see if this is what I want my children to be watching as the grow up.

I looked the open floor plan of our house. I knew we would soon need to update the house to have a room for when the baby arrives. I  was in full bliss to be able to tell Diego and having him be happy. I knew this was right family for my unborn child.

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1.4 A blessing in a cloak

Week have passed and me and Diego often talk on occasion. He tells me he got a job at the local hospital. I was surprised,, I never saw him as a doctor. Well I guess life is always a changing surprise.

I guess  you could say I was falling in love.Diego understood who I was, where I came from and most of all, treated as someone with feelings.

I painted often, what ever chance I got. I turned around to find Diego standing over my shoulder.  He stood their in shook from painting.

“Rebecca this is amazing, I have to say I’m surprised what such great talent you have.”  Diego said.

I blushed ” Why Thanks Diego”

“Rebecca I have something to tell you” Diego smiled, My heart melted inside.

“Yes?” I said trying to hide my feelings for him

“You are pure miracle, I’m glad you are living here today. Your mother lives no more and you can be happy. I wanted to let you know that I will always be here for you” Diego was smiling for ear to ear.

I stood there in shock, not sure what to say.

I felt at peace in my heart, knowing Diego was such a good person.

One thing leads to another they always say. The next thing I knew, his kissed my lips softly. I smiled hugely, unable to understand the  fact that I was loved. All my life I was hated, yelled at by mother. My sister was loved of course because she only understood my mom’s pain. Having a child so young only leads to pain.

(Author’s Note:  While this was happening,  I saw the red streaks in Diego’s hair yippie!)

I guess you could say we feel in love. Diego worked hard at work, but always came home to remind me of the happiness still left in this world.

“Rebecca this past few weeks have been truly amazing”  Diego touched my cheek ” Though I have a surprise for you.

“Diego what is going on?” I asked as he got down on one knee.

” Will you Rebecca Grace Dreamer Marry me?” Diego said as he opened the black box.

I stood there in shock   ” Diego of course I will”

He placed the ring on my finger and brought me into a hug bear hug. I just smiled for ear to ear. I pinched myself wondering if this was a dream. It was as dream come true. To be loved and a chance to raise a family my way. Diego loved me and we were getting married.

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1.5 I’m just lucky

we interrupt this episode of Dreaming of a Better Life to bring you random lyrcis that fit this episode that have been stuck in the author’s head 🙂

I’m getting married in the morning. DING DONG the bells are gonna chime. Get me the to church on time (My fair lady reference for those who don’t know it)

Okay back the regular scheduled program

Our wedding date was fast approaching . We deciced  to have it stoney falls. Diego did all the planning. I guess you could say he was sort of a dare devil.

The guest began to arrive let the party begin. (Author’s Note : Sorry for such a bad photo:()

I was hoping Ash could come to the weeding, he wasn’t able to. He told me he loved me and would love to vist at a later date he was just super busy currently dealing with a family and work.

We wrote our own vows. I spoke mine, he spoke his.

I am now married to Diego. He took my last name, for I wanted this family to dream big with open minds.

I feel asleep in his arms that night. Knowing tonight was the start of a new family

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1.3 That’s what friends are for

“So what you are telling me is, My mother who made my life a living crazy house has passed away.” I spoke into the phone with a off-tone.

“Yes, Becca Boo. I’m sorry to pass on this tragic news”  Ash said, which a tone as which if I was sad to hear she was gone.

“Ash, It is fine. I’m kinda glad”  I spoke reassuring myself that I didn’t need my mother  “now about this friend of yours.”


“Oh yes Diego, You meet him when were about four. I still remember that rare smile of yours.”   Ashton began to describe as I went through memories   “He needs a home. I don’t have to space for him, and I know he would make a mighty fine husband”.

“Ash, I’m good-willed person at heart. I would love to accept him into my home.”  I was determined not to let anyone down, unlike how I was treated most of my life.

“Becca boo, You are a gifted person, from a troubled home.”  I chuckled underneath my breath as Ashton spoke, knowing I was nothing like he imagined me to be “Keep in touch you hear?”

“Ash you are one amazing person, Oh I will.”   I hung the phone and began walking around my house, unsure how this encounter with Diego will go.

Later the night Diego showed up. I gave him one look and I remembered he was one of the few people I let into my life and fully trusted. I was only four, I learned quickly though how wrong I truly was for doing that.Now he is back, and I not sure I am ready to trust again.I acted as if nothing happened. He seemed to play along.  We had a short conversation.

He tried kissing me. It felt so wrong to turn him down, I wasn’t ready to face the heartbreak.

Life is getting better as the day pass. I’m learning to love myself, when I was never loved. Diego often stood by during the rough nights. I often cried myself to sleep, he was there as a friend. I guess friends have a purpose. Diego sure had one in my life.

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1.2 When Life Throws you Lemons Make Lemonade

After no luck trying to find a possible love interest, I decicied to sleep and clean up the house a bit.

I made myself some toast for breakfest. I knew hopeful, this house wouldn’t be so quiet.

The bills needed to be paid, I haven’t found a  job. Which made it harder to spare pay the twenty dollars.

I began to work on painting. I felt at ease, doing something I was good at. Though my mother never let be so creative I am prepared to let my children be different as possible.

After working on my painting for about thirty minutes, I took a quick shower.

A good friend of mine called, to bring what most people would call sad news. I call it great news.

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1.1 No one ever said life was easy

Hello there, I’m Rebecca.

Okay so you can’t see me,but I’m on my way out hoping to find a husband

Sadly He is Still in High School, Try Again

He sadly is married 😦

Not Bad, I’ll try him out.. oh wait who is that

It is his brother, oh I have two chooses.

Someone doesn’t like hugs. Back to square one,quite literally.

Oh Hello there, How you Doing Mister.

I want this family to be perfect, mostly after growing up in a home without a father and a mother who often didn’t want to see me. I never knew my grandparents, they hated my mother for having me so young. I want my kids to understand the balance of good and evil in this crazy mixed up world.I want a husband that will understand me, understand why I even live today. Though I know no such perfect person exists, I’ll make do with what the Sim-God has given me.

(Author’s Note: So Basically, I was hoping maybe someone could create some possibly fathers. I know most legacy I am supposed to find townies to marry, though Rebecca is very interesting person, and needs a good husband)

I wish life was piece of cake.

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Rebecca Dreamer wanted a better life, then what  she grew up.

She promised herself, to bring her children up in a better world

When she turned eighteen She moved out of her crazy home, and into a new one
This is her Legacy.


She is insane,family oriented, artistic, green thumb and lucky

Time will only tell if Rebecca can make it in the real world 🙂

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